BBP- Big Beautiful Pike

Well the lads decided the weather was just to nice to go out and target some pike. With this idea in their heads they grabbed the tackle and the cameras and off to the Fenlands they went. The first fish on the mat was Kyles 17.5 lb big girl and the jacks just kept coming after that. Also they decided to sit down and do a few shout outs and Christmas messages to people who have helped or supported the channel in the past year. If they for anyone please just drop them a message and they will include you in the next shout out video. A very merry Christmas and happy new year from all at the Wayne’s World Fishing team.

This gallery contains 3 photos.

First Cod outing of the season at Salthouse

Rocked up about 13:00 as I had to go around the houses looking for some bait due to driving all the way from London to Rite Tackle only to find it SHUT for maintenance. I was spitting blood as I had no bait at all and was thinking about just throwing the towel in and going back home down south. Then I remembered this brilliant fishing forum called world sea fishing and with a quick search on my phone I was on the hunt for a fella called Lee Dennis. I met up with Lee and got a load of fresh lug and some squid. Now I was set. Fishing just over the shingle at the end of the dirt track that leads you down to the water at Salthouse. I set up for the long day/night.
One rod with half a squid and a couple of lug wrapped to it for good luck and the second 2 hook flapper with just lug. fishing the flooding tide it was not long until the knocks started. Pulling in dabs two at a time and then the ling showed up but only a few and they were very small. My pal pulled in what I think was a nice little plaice and that was the fish of the day. As the darkness slowly took over so did the whiting and it was one after another of bait stealing little monsters. They gobbled up every worm we had left we then decided to pack it in around 1 am. So about 12 hours fishing in total and god knows how many fish but it was one and sometimes more a chuck. No cod and no rays I am afraid but it is salt house so my expectations were not high to start with.

Massive COD in Norway

Well this what not your normal fishing trip.

I headed to Heathrow with Jason Sprigg “Kyles dad” to meet up with Grant and Mike. These three guys have all been to this dark corner of the world before and are prepaired for what lay ahead. I on the other hand had no idea what I was walking into.

>After stopping off at Oslo for the night and getting a connecting flight to Havoysund. It was this small fishing village where we would set up base camp and with everything laid out for fishing trips it was my home from home.
It was instantly apparent as soon as I walked off the coach that I would need a bigger jacket. The temperature was FREEZING!
Once settled in the next morning at first light we had some food and was ready to hit the open water. Now I would like to think of myself as an experienced angler and I have earned my sea legs over the years spending time of chartered boats, dingy’s and rock hopping. But this swell was like nothing that I had ever experienced before in my life. Waves coming at us from all angles and the boat was being tossed around like a cork in a bottle. Needless to say I was not feeling to well and despite being very sea sick I still held my rod in my hand and carried on fishing. The fishing guide took us around 2 miles off shore and stopped the boat he then shouted “they are at 80 meters” using J-brained line and dropping my crazy daisy lure down I counted the depth by the change in colour every 10 meters. As the lure made its way down into the deep dark depths I could feel it hitting the cod as the school passed by and then the inevitable tug and lunge and it was FISH ON!
The rod bent over and the pump and wind started. I noticed that even though the cod were of a monster size 20 lb plus on average they only seemed to fight for the initial 30 seconds and once you had got them up in the water columns they “gassed out” blew bubbles and they just gave up. Now I know this may not sound like much sport but you try pulling up 20 lb cod over 30 times within a few hours and  see how much your arm ache.
The next day we done the same thing and targeted the cod and once again they did not let us down. The third day we tried our luck with the Halibut. Now we had been advised that it was a little early in the season but there are a few around. With four rods in the water we had hope. It was a while before anything happened and then big Mike shouted “FISH ON!” and all hell broke lose. Mike is a lump of a man but as I looked up and saw his Shakespeare ugly stick buckle around to his knuckles I knew this was not a 20 b cod.
After a long fight Mike got the fish to the surface and we all cheered as if we were all helping him pull this beast up. It was measured and estimated to be a whopping 60 kg. The true sports man Mike is he put the fish back to fight another day and we decided to call it a day.
Also on the trip we encountered dolphins the other days saw killer whales and minky whales, sea eagles and much more. But like all good things it had to come to and end and I found myself missing this freezing tundra before I had even left it. So the talks of when is the next trip out to Norway started and continued all the way home.

Just a few hours before work

"whopping 33 lb and 2 oz"

Well it was supposed to be a few hours before work and I had no idea what I was going to find.
Getting my tackle out of the van in the car park I bumped into a fellow who had just finished fishing for the day. He had been lure fishing for the perch with no luck. I to had set out to target the perch but he noticed that and stopped me in my tracks.

The fella was called Jamie and he said that he had been fishing all day with no luck however he had seen a lot of big carp on the move in the far corner of the lake. I said due to the small warm spell in the weather we was having it may have woken them up from their winter slumber and finally started getting them on the munch for the coming spawning season. With that in mind I pulled out the Nash Dwarfs and set out to see if the carp would play with me.
Kyle called me on my way and said he was only up the road at another lake just riding his bike doing a little recon so I said come and sit with me and see if we can get a carp on the bank. Within 30 mins he was by my side and we had started to set up. Noting over complicated just a single 15 mm mainline milky toffee pop-up on a Ronnie rig with a small PVA bag of crushed boilies cast out into open water about 75 yards and on the other rod a 15 mm mainline essential cell wafter hair rigged to a size 6 cryogen curved hook set to the right of the swim at a small point with a few boilies scattered around the hook baith with a easy under arm chuck.
20 mins in and the toffee pop-up screams off, I had hooked into something big and this fish was like a train. It kited off to the right hand side of the swim where a platform and snags where located. I knew that the fish knew this was where we would be in trouble. I lock up and still the fish peeled off line. This was getting my hear racing and I knew this fish was a good size. Like a Thomson gazelle Kyle jumped onto the platform and run up the where the fish had now buried its self into the snags. Shouting back at me he said “its a common around 25 lb I can see it going around the post” Passing the rod under and over the platform and around the support post to keep up with the fish we finally realised that the carp had shaken the hook. Completely gutted I walked back to my swim thinking maybe its time to go home. Kyle said give it until 7 pm and then we will go. So with another hour on the clock we decided to give it our best shot. With the wafter rod still out and untouched I put another 15 mm toffee pop-up on and both roads where now back out fishing. Kyle got board and walked off to look for Pike with my lure tackle and left me to man the rods. It was about another 30 mins in when I herd a small beep on the wafter rod. Looking up from my phone I saw the bobbing laying on the ground and no diving birds in sight I though “liner?”
With that WHACK the line went tight and the Delkim just melted. I knew that it was another big carp. I grabbed the rod locked up and made sure this time it did not kite off to the snags. Walking back up the bank and shouting for Kyle to come I managed to get the fish into open water where it then just gave up the fight. Kyle arrived and asked me “do you think its as big as the last one?” I said “no its given up the ghost I would say around 10-15 lb mark.” Just as I said that I saw the fish for the first time and it was very apparent that it was massive. With its first surface appearance Kyle scooped the net under it and she was in the bag. Using all my strength lifting her up in the weighing sling she come it at a whopping 33 lb and 2 oz. That big mamma was my personal best and I am sure it will take a while for me to beat that. Not bad for just a few hours before work!

Well my big trip to the USA was fantasist! 

I started my trip in Los Angeles where I found a really good tackle shop called Pro Bass shop. Now I assumed that it was just going to be tackle for bass fishing but how wrong was I?
I know that the Americans are famous for doing everything bigger and better but these tackle shop are out of this world. From swivels to fishing boats they had the lot. I would recommend any angler to go and take a look when you are in town. Now that I had stocked up on tackle that I didn’t need I headed out to a beautiful mountain lake called Lake Casitas about an hour and half drive just north west of L.A. Once there I teamed up with a lovely fella called Rich Tauber who is a pro Bass fisherman and he holds a few records and some top fishing tips and tricks to make sure you have a fish filled day. As I suspected Rich put me on the fish and it was not long until we started to hook into some 3lb plus fish. For this time of the year the fishing can be a little tricky as the mornings and evening are cold as the fish can be a little less active but as the mid days sun warmed the water the fish started to get on the much and we was very happy to finally see them. I broke my Bass duck with a nice sized fish of over 2lb. The day was over before it started and I then had to bid Rich a farewell. But he gave me some soft plastic worms and some tips on how to fish for the bass from the waters edge. Armed with this new information and tackle I headed back to L.A and decided to target a lake within the city called Echo Park Lake. Now the lake record is 10lb and nothing like the fish in lake Casitas but it was free to fish (proving you have a fishing license) and it was all good sport.

In typical Wayne’s World Fishing style I was against the clock as I had a plain to catch back to gloomy old London. So with that in mind I made sure I fished the lake hard and covered as much ground as I could. Making way through the all the crazy people and homeless I found a few spots that looked so fishy I just had to have a go. It was not long until I hooked into my first Bass. No it was not a whopper just 1.5lb but my first Bass on my own. I now had the bug and wanted to keep going. I hooked into another Bass but this time even smaller. With time and sun light running low I had to pack up and wave goodbye to America and with a heavy heart I board the plain. However looking out the window on the plan and thinking about my amazing trip across California all I could think about was the fishing and when I could come back to hook into some more monster American Bass.




Whats the big DEAL?

Well we headed down to Deal in Kent last weekend to see who was home. We didn’t think much would come out but you have to be in it to win it, so with that in minds off we went at first light. Looking online the conditions seemed perfect to take the boat out for a days fishing off the Kent coast. Looking at the map we was positioned about 1 mile south of Deal pier and with a flooding tide we quickly had the boat in the water and was off.
Stopping around 300 yards off shore, we anchored up in 30-35 foot of water that at this point was really running. Using rapped lug and squid that we cough from our trip to Portland as bait it was only a matter of time until the whiting turned up. Not long after that a nod on the rod indicated a definite bite but once I hit into the fish I knew it was not a whiting but a dogfish. No fight and it felt like I was hauling up a plastic bag through the water column. Once we had broken the dog…duck it was one after another. No other species just doggie and whiting all day long. By 4 pm I was wet cold and very hungry so we deiced to all it a day and come back. No it was not a red letter day but it was a lot more fun than sitting indoors watching rubbish on TV.

Balckpool was not just all lights there was COD!

So it was a long old drive up to the dark north but with the word COD ringing in our ears Kyle and I set off on a very windy and cold Friday afternoon. We got to the hotel Friday night and never hit the shore as we was very tired and wanted to get a full days fishing on Saturday. Arranging some fresh bait before hand with Hazel at Hookers Baits we woke up and headed down the road to get our hands on what can only be described as the best yellow tails I have ever used!
With fresh bait and speaking on here and to locals we now knew where to go. Parking at 5 bar gate we headed a couple of hundred yards north to the end of “the slabs” here was where we decided to start our fishing. We got there at high tide so we fished three down with only a very tiny coding to show for our efforts on worm bait.
We went back to the hotel had some food and a beer then waited for the water to turn and come back in. We fished the whole flood water even strategically placing a small whiting live bait in a pool yards and yards out at low water hoping that when the tide flooded a nice fat cod would find him but somehow and don’t ask how the whiting come off and we ended up with a rockling of the exact same size on the hook??
Fishing all the way to the top of the tide and then three down with nothing to show apart from another tiny coddling and the always annoying whiting. We went home around 3:30 very deflated.
Waking up Sunday and knowing that it was our last day in Blackpool we had saved the best till last. getting to 5 bar for just before high tide we set up our dingy and met up with a local Kayaker called John. He was a massive help and told us what had been coming out and were to go in the boat.
Sitting on the sand in the boat we only had all of a minuet for the water to flood around us and the boat was away. Knowing that the water there can be very shallow even when flooding we headed out around 500 yards where we found depth of around 25-30 feet. Using a running ledger rig we baited up with a nice healthy bunch of yellow tails and lobbed them out into the chocolate coloured water. It was not long until the tips started nodding with Whiting after Whiting. We then had a call on the VHF radio from John saying that he just landed a 7 lb Cod on his kayak only 300 yards away from up. So with that in mind we zoomed over to his location and within the first 5 minuets Kyle rod whacked over and we then knew the Cod at arrived!
Within the space of about 10 minuets the rod did not stop pulling up three very nice sized Cod ranging from 3-4 lb. As fast as they came they left along with the Whiting and we deiced to call it a day due to the fact we had a long journey back down to London.
We did make a YouTube video of the trip but we had issues with our audio equipment so most of the footage cant be used. I guess its just an excuse to go back and have another go at the Cod before its to late.

The squid were out in force

Well Kyle and Wayne planned to go down to Portland Harbour to see if the squid were still around before the big chill set in. Lets just say they were still home and some real monsters. Using single squid jigs with a 4oz weight all set up on a line through rig. Letting the lead hit the bottom and 1.5 turns up and slowly lifting and letting the rig drop back down it was only a matter of time until the squid turned up. After bagging up with around 10 1-1.5 lb squid Wayne has an almighty tug on his rod and this squid was not playing games. After a real little battle the squid came to the surface to show its size. A whopping 6lb squid and was not happy to see the lads. Dispute not having a landing net handy Wayne pulled the monster up to the boat and Kyle grabbed it from behind and it was on board. With more than enough Cod bait to see them through the cold winter months the lads headed off home. Very happy but a little bit covered in ink 😀

Ten Mile Bank Pike!

Well the lads started off the Pike season with a bang this weekend. While they was up the Fenlands filming their latest video. The day started off slow with the sun coming out and making lure fishing quite hard. A lot of distance covered in the boat but still nothing to show for their efforts. But then as evening started to creep in and the light levels started to fade the fish woke up and boy oh boy did they wake up. It was like someone had flipped a switch and they just come on the munch. With Wayne catching small Perch as live baits and Kyle using a smelt on one rod and the supplied Perch on the other. The lads pulled in around 4 pike within one hour. It just goes to show stick it out until the bitter end because that bitter end can become so very very sweet.

We struck SILVER!! at Salthouse

Got to Salthouse around 5:30 and passed two lads coming back to their car who said they had nothing all day apart from one dab. So it was not the start we was looking for. Once set up we unpacked the strangest array of baits I have ever come across from 100 lug to sprats and bits and bobs of squid, eel and peeler. With a “cocktail” of baits we decided to use up the worm first and right off the bat the flapper figs were pulling in two dabs at a time. As soon as the rig was out and the rod was back in the rest the tips were bobbing all over the place. The little sods were on the feed. Just before high tide about 30 mins before my rod nodded a little different, I though this cant be a dab and with the second massive pull down on the rod I thought nope and I thin someone is home. As I pulled the rod in I could feel there was something on the end and this time it was not a dab but a schoolie bass of about 1lb. I came over to Kyle and his uncle Darren to show them but with that their rods also went off and it was bass for everyone. The flapper rig even pulled out two at once. But as quick as they came they left us and the dabs moved back in. We run out of worms and used up everything else in the bag. The dabs where coming out on every bait even smelly out sparts but the lug worm was the king of the night hands down. In all the years I have fished Salthouse I have never seen so many small bass come out with 10 minutes lads its a bloody nice sight to see and a good indicator for season to come. Some would laugh at this report as no monster cod or rays come out but I am as happy as Larry with our sterling performance