The Fish Preservation Society is a origination set up to stop illegal activities in around the angling community.
Over the past few years I we have seen a massive decline in the quality and quantity of fish stocks. Not only this we have also notice general neglect for the rules and conduct regarding the sport of fishing. To make sure that we can pass on this timeless activity to future generations the FPS has been set up. This is so club members and just general members of the public can be made more aware and have a input to this anti-social behaviour.
We encourage you to take pictures and or write a small blag of what you have seen, post it on the FPS website for others to see and be mindful of.
We must stress that this group has been set up to better the natural beauty surrounding the sport of angling and not set up as a vigilante group. If you do see something criminal taking place and you want to report it immediately please contact the local police force and never attempt to tackle the issue yourself.
Remember your safety is paramount at all times.
We hope to work with neighbourhood, clubs and individuals to combat any illegal activities that may take place. Together we can stop crime and make the future a brighter place for your fish and the sport.

Service coming soon!
FPS database and file system currently being built