You already know my name is Wayne Stocker and I have always been a keen angler.

As a young lad my dad took me fishing with him. At first I really didn’t like it. At such a young age I guess I never had the patience for it.
But around age 12 he took me along for the day to the River Lea at Picketts Lock and I was hooked. I don’t think that I caught anything that day but my dad and his pal’s did. Once I saw the large bream being landed I knew that I needed to perfect my skills and start to catch better quality fish.
I mentioned that I liked fishing at school and a few friends of mine told me to speak to another lad in my year who was also into fishing my good friend Shane (aka Shane the pancake).
Once Shane and I teamed up trips down the
canal every weekend become a regular thing with the odd trip to some local lakes here and there. Over the years I then fished on my own as and when I could.
Within the last ten years I have really had the opportunities to get out and fish better locations and for better fish. I have also made some new fishing friends as well. One of those new friends is Kyle Sprigg and he features in many of my videos.
So as I embark on this fishing adventure I have decided to make films of my conquests along the way for my personal archives and so all my friends and followers can enjoy the adventure with me as I go.
You never know I may learn or teach something along the way.
Please take the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel or keep up to date with me via any of my social media outlets. Comment, like and have a input because without you guys and your support I don’t think I would out put as much content as I do.
Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you on the bank some time.

(Wayne Stocker)