Whats the big DEAL?

Well we headed down to Deal in Kent last weekend to see who was home. We didn’t think much would come out but you have to be in it to win it, so with that in minds off we went at first light. Looking online the conditions seemed perfect to take the boat out for a days fishing off the Kent coast. Looking at the map we was positioned about 1 mile south of Deal pier and with a flooding tide we quickly had the boat in the water and was off.
Stopping around 300 yards off shore, we anchored up in 30-35 foot of water that at this point was really running. Using rapped lug and squid that we cough from our trip to Portland as bait it was only a matter of time until the whiting turned up. Not long after that a nod on the rod indicated a definite bite but once I hit into the fish I knew it was not a whiting but a dogfish. No fight and it felt like I was hauling up a plastic bag through the water column. Once we had broken the dog…duck it was one after another. No other species just doggie and whiting all day long. By 4 pm I was wet cold and very hungry so we deiced to all it a day and come back. No it was not a red letter day but it was a lot more fun than sitting indoors watching rubbish on TV.