My Pooie and I headed down to Mevagissey for the weekend of fishing and BBQ’s. After stopping at the St Austell Brewery and trying the Tribute, Proper Job and Korev we decided it was time to get serious and do some fishing. Heading out from Pentewan Sands beach we made our way in my small dingy down south to Gorran Haven. There is a small rock that sticks out of the water there about quarter of a mile off shore that holds sea birds, Seals and fish! After about 5 or 6 drifts over the Kelp and rocks I had a bite. It was only a small Pollock but it was nice to know that there was life on Mars. Moving around we started a new drift between the rock and the main land. Using a 25g blue paddle tail 8 inch plastic lure I got a bit and WOW was it a bite! The rod bent over and away we went. Standard Pollock bite no sooner than I felt the bit it made off like a train for the Kelp beds the “big dive”. After the initial frantic fight with the odd bit of push and pull she come up to see us. A lovely Pollock of about 4lb plus. A real stunner and I knew that one fish had made the weekend anything else would now be a bonus. Despite having that cracking fish nothing else come out to play so we headed back towards Mevagissey bay where we kept an eye on the fish finder and as soon as we saw Mackerel schools we stopped and threw down the feathers. No sooner than when they was in the water 2, 3 and even 4 Mackers at a time, it was all good fun. Then just at the point where Mevagissey bay ends and Pentewan bay starts we stopped as there is a bit of kelp and rocky round in that area. Changing over lure to a smaller bright green 6 inch paddle tail I dropped it in the dark water and bumped it along the bottom. Within seconds WHACK but this time it felt like I had snagged into a tank. Whatever it was had now buried itself within rocks/kelp and did not want to play. After letting the line go slack and waiting the fish finally come out of its hiding spot and once again I had a chance to battle it to the surface. After the clutch had finished screaming away to itself I managed to pull a massive Wrasse up to the boat. what a fish it was, so beautiful. The colours these fish have are out of this world. If they didn’t have such BIG teeth I would given it a big wet kiss :D After the first Wrasse a couple more followed of about the same size. But time fly’s when you are having fun and it was soon time to come back and pack up and head back to horrid old London. On the drive home the condensation was nothing but when are we going back to Cornwall