We struck SILVER!! at Salthouse

Got to Salthouse around 5:30 and passed two lads coming back to their car who said they had nothing all day apart from one dab. So it was not the start we was looking for. Once set up we unpacked the strangest array of baits I have ever come across from 100 lug to sprats and bits and bobs of squid, eel and peeler. With a “cocktail” of baits we decided to use up the worm first and right off the bat the flapper figs were pulling in two dabs at a time. As soon as the rig was out and the rod was back in the rest the tips were bobbing all over the place. The little sods were on the feed. Just before high tide about 30 mins before my rod nodded a little different, I though this cant be a dab and with the second massive pull down on the rod I thought nope and I thin someone is home. As I pulled the rod in I could feel there was something on the end and this time it was not a dab but a schoolie bass of about 1lb. I came over to Kyle and his uncle Darren to show them but with that their rods also went off and it was bass for everyone. The flapper rig even pulled out two at once. But as quick as they came they left us and the dabs moved back in. We run out of worms and used up everything else in the bag. The dabs where coming out on every bait even smelly out sparts but the lug worm was the king of the night hands down. In all the years I have fished Salthouse I have never seen so many small bass come out with 10 minutes lads its a bloody nice sight to see and a good indicator for season to come. Some would laugh at this report as no monster cod or rays come out but I am as happy as Larry with our sterling performance