The squid were out in force

Well Kyle and Wayne planned to go down to Portland Harbour to see if the squid were still around before the big chill set in. Lets just say they were still home and some real monsters. Using single squid jigs with a 4oz weight all set up on a line through rig. Letting the lead hit the bottom and 1.5 turns up and slowly lifting and letting the rig drop back down it was only a matter of time until the squid turned up. After bagging up with around 10 1-1.5 lb squid Wayne has an almighty tug on his rod and this squid was not playing games. After a real little battle the squid came to the surface to show its size. A whopping 6lb squid and was not happy to see the lads. Dispute not having a landing net handy Wayne pulled the monster up to the boat and Kyle grabbed it from behind and it was on board. With more than enough Cod bait to see them through the cold winter months the lads headed off home. Very happy but a little bit covered in ink 😀