Newcastle and Scotland in one day!

Well I ventured up north to Newcastle and Scotland to meet up with Slippy Limpets to try and pull some big Pollock out of the North Sea. However things did not go to plan. We hit up some of Slippy’s favourite marks but due to the wind and the swell of the sea things were not going to plan.
We had to take on the sheer cliffs of the north to get to some of the most dangerous marks I have ever fished. But just looking around the place you can see that this terrain would hold some fantastic fish when the conditions are right.
Admitting defeat we decided to pack up and head for the beach that night to see if a fish could be plucked from the unforgiving sea. I blanked but Nathan did managed to pull out a very small coddling and a could of rockling. So not as fruitful and I would have hoped but all good fun and I will be back for round two within the next few months so as always keep an eye out on social media for more updates about that up and coming trip.