Method to the madness

Well the bank holiday weekend for me was a very long one. Yes I had hundreds of things to do around the home like going shopping, seeing friends and family but I still managed to get some fishing injected into my plans as well.
If you don’t already follow me on Instagram then please do so as this weekend I posted where I was fishing and I even managed to upload some small video clips of some cracking bites.
Now to the meat and potatoes of what style of fishing I was using. This weekend saw me concentrate on the method feeder in particular. The style of feeder I have been using is the Guru X-safe style. These feeders are at the moment my hands down favourite method feeders. They are very easy to attach to your mainline as they have a small clip system and combined with the Guru pre-tied hair-rigs I was setup within a minuet’s of arriving at the waters edge.
Using a bait combination of ground bait and 1 mm pellets around the feeder with a Dynamite baits fluorescent slow sinking nugget on the hook. This bait combo was a deadly cocktail. Lets just say at one point they were hitting the feeder on the drop and I have never had them going that crazy for the bait in my life!
The reason for targeting Carp even though they are not monsters is to get some practice under my belt ready for a session to try and hunt down my new PB of 20 lb.
I plan on making a video showing you guys just how I set up the feeder rod and the terminal tackle very soon.