The weather has been so HOT this past weekend and with that timing up with the opening of the river season everything just kind of fell into place.
Hitting many location over three days a lot of fish come out. Fist off I headed down to the river Lee for a shot night session with my pal Leon to see if we could pull out any bream. On such a nice evening we blacked. But I had a feeling things were going to get better. The following day (the Saturday 17/06/2017) we both headed down to the River Stort to see what was around and to our surprise we saw loads of carp “YES CARP” on the surface along with small shoals of bream passing back and forth. Filled with gas the pair of us set up our wagler rods and with the hope of bagging a bream, carp or anything that come our way. After a while of float fishing I decided it was time to run back to the van and get my carp rods. Chucking out a 15mm white pop-up on a Ronnie rig just off the far back with a few free boilies scattered around the rig it was a matter of about 5 minuets until the bite alarm was screaming off. I hooked into a nice 4-5lb common. I played the fish for about 30 seconds and then the dreaded hook pull. Once I composed myself I looked at the rig only to see the hook had a small bed in the point and was not 100% sharp. That could have all been prevented if I had just taken the time to check the rig before using it. I will not make a silly mistake like this again in the future. Not long after that Leon pulled a very nice bream out on worm. The slab was about 5-6lb and in very good condition. Later on that evening as it cooled down after reaching temperatures of 30’c I headed down to Roydon Lock and set up with a starlight on the wagler with a worm tipped with a single red maggot. It was only a matter of time until it went under and a bream come out. However after that one fish things just slowed down and nothing was showing. The next day was Sunday, so I headed down to Kyle’s house to pick him up for a day around the Doctors pond in Dunmow. Despite it being over 30’c again the fish were feeding and coming out one a cast. In the end we become board of catching fish and decided to just free line some bread and catch carp this way for a bit of sport. I dropped Kyle off home and he asked if I wanted to go back out later that night to target barbel of course I said YES!
We set off about 9pm as it started to cool. We went to Weathampstead that is notorious for barbel. However once we got there the swim that we wanted to fish was occupied by two eastern Europeans who had no idea what they were doing and had made a lot of noise. As a result of this the fishing was hard despite our best attempts. Kyle still managed pull out a very small but just perfect barbel. But we have now got the barbel buzz and will be back within the next few weeks to film a video on how to catch them.

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