First Cod outing of the season at Salthouse

Rocked up about 13:00 as I had to go around the houses looking for some bait due to driving all the way from London to Rite Tackle only to find it SHUT for maintenance. I was spitting blood as I had no bait at all and was thinking about just throwing the towel in and going back home down south. Then I remembered this brilliant fishing forum called world sea fishing and with a quick search on my phone I was on the hunt for a fella called Lee Dennis. I met up with Lee and got a load of fresh lug and some squid. Now I was set. Fishing just over the shingle at the end of the dirt track that leads you down to the water at Salthouse. I set up for the long day/night.
One rod with half a squid and a couple of lug wrapped to it for good luck and the second 2 hook flapper with just lug. fishing the flooding tide it was not long until the knocks started. Pulling in dabs two at a time and then the ling showed up but only a few and they were very small. My pal pulled in what I think was a nice little plaice and that was the fish of the day. As the darkness slowly took over so did the whiting and it was one after another of bait stealing little monsters. They gobbled up every worm we had left we then decided to pack it in around 1 am. So about 12 hours fishing in total and god knows how many fish but it was one and sometimes more a chuck. No cod and no rays I am afraid but it is salt house so my expectations were not high to start with.