Dungeness was a FLOP!

I decided to take my beach gear and have a go at Dungeness after the induction day. So I called up Seagull Fishing Tackle to see if they had any fresh lug. I was told that no one will have any fresh lug and the best that I was going to get was frozen. So with that in mind I said I was on my way and my Sat Nav said I would be at the shop for 18:05. The bloke on the phone said that he is closing at 18:00 I asked if he could wait as I was coming a long way and he said no!
May I just point out that on their Google info page it says that they are open on a Saturday until 18:30. He said it had been a long day and I should hurry if I wanted the bait. VERY UNHELPFUL!
Reluctantly I made my way to the shop and got some bait. Then headed down to the beach. Getting to the waters edge for high tide I knew I had to move fast.
Also not fishing this mark for over 20 years I went to just north of the “boats” and just chucked out squid and crab on one rod and lug on the other. My leads just rolled around the place as the water was whipping from right to left. Nothing for over an hour apart from a bloody seal back and forth. Then a very small nod on the crab and squid and when I reeled in it was a bloody whiting!
That was the final nail in the coffin for me and I packed up and went home.
There is a reason I have not been down this way for over 20 years and this is it.
Rude people and terrible fishing.
As for this weekend Chesil beach here I come all is forgiven!!!