Creature baits and canal Carp

So the lads set off for the weekend to the Grand Union canal in search of perch and Canal carp. It didn’t take them long to find some stripy suspects but as for the carp well they were a no show.
The lads used artificial baits given to them by with a lot of success. They packed up and headed to a spot that they knew holds carp but unfortunately the carp did not play ball.

They plan to give this session a second attempt this coming weekend with the same tactics but new spots in mind.

Newcastle and Scotland in one day!

Well I ventured up north to Newcastle and Scotland to meet up with Slippy Limpets to try and pull some big Pollock out of the North Sea. However things did not go to plan. We hit up some of Slippy’s favourite marks but due to the wind and the swell of the sea things were not going to plan.
We had to take on the sheer cliffs of the north to get to some of the most dangerous marks I have ever fished. But just looking around the place you can see that this terrain would hold some fantastic fish when the conditions are right.
Admitting defeat we decided to pack up and head for the beach that night to see if a fish could be plucked from the unforgiving sea. I blanked but Nathan did managed to pull out a very small coddling and a could of rockling. So not as fruitful and I would have hoped but all good fun and I will be back for round two within the next few months so as always keep an eye out on social media for more updates about that up and coming trip.

Method to the madness

Well the bank holiday weekend for me was a very long one. Yes I had hundreds of things to do around the home like going shopping, seeing friends and family but I still managed to get some fishing injected into my plans as well.
If you don’t already follow me on Instagram then please do so as this weekend I posted where I was fishing and I even managed to upload some small video clips of some cracking bites.
Now to the meat and potatoes of what style of fishing I was using. This weekend saw me concentrate on the method feeder in particular. The style of feeder I have been using is the Guru X-safe style. These feeders are at the moment my hands down favourite method feeders. They are very easy to attach to your mainline as they have a small clip system and combined with the Guru pre-tied hair-rigs I was setup within a minuet’s of arriving at the waters edge.
Using a bait combination of ground bait and 1 mm pellets around the feeder with a Dynamite baits fluorescent slow sinking nugget on the hook. This bait combo was a deadly cocktail. Lets just say at one point they were hitting the feeder on the drop and I have never had them going that crazy for the bait in my life!
The reason for targeting Carp even though they are not monsters is to get some practice under my belt ready for a session to try and hunt down my new PB of 20 lb.
I plan on making a video showing you guys just how I set up the feeder rod and the terminal tackle very soon.

As always Chesil Beach produced

Turned up in the morning at 11am due to the over 3 hour trip from London.
Stopped at Chesil bait and tackle as always for sticky lug, frozen peeler and live rag.
Headed to the boat cairn near the lighthouse on Portland. Sat there for about 2-3 hours pulling out Wrasse after wrasse on the rag worm.
Then headed down to Ferry bridge to throw a few plugs around to see if there were any Bass kicking around. Bumped into a few lads down there who said that they had a couple of schoolie’s on rag but I never saw therm come out. Nothing on the plugs/lures.
Packed up and headed for Chesil beach set up for about 7pm. Using lug, squid and crab cocktail baits my mate and I pulled out about 4 dogfish, two bootlace conger, two pouting and a crab 😀
No rays for us 🙁 but the Sea was like a Mill Pond. Not even a ripple. A lovely night and nice to see a load of other lads up and down the beach as well.
I know that others are pulling out large Ray’s and some BIG Cod have come out over the winter months but nothing like that for me. I will as always be back soon to have another bite of the Cheil Cherry.

To much of a chop for the beach

Spending the weekend in Hunstanton with the family for Easter is always fun but when you are on the cost and have a chance of wetting a line its even more fun. The sea had such a chop on it that it was very hard to cast out at distance and the wind just made sitting out the open even harder. So defeated by the elements dad and I decided to find shelter in the caravan parks own carp lake. Using a method feeder with 2 mm pellets and feeder mix ground bait combo on the feeder and 8 mm Halibut pellets on the hook my swim really took off. Dad tried using bread on the top and milky toffee pop ups with no luck. The method and pellet were king on the day.


Where do I start?
The big one is the UK’s biggest fishing show put on annually by fish face productions down in Farnbrough. Let me tell you this now, whatever you are looking for when it comes to fishing tackle this show will have it and more. Not only will you find everything to cover your fishing needs but also you will be given some helpful advice from those who have helped to make and sell the products and if you look really hard you might even spot the odd fishing celebrity among the great unwashed. It was my fist time there and I am sure it wont be my last. I would recommend going along to anyone who has not been.

SD Card Issues


As I am sure you all know the lads had a trip planned to go down south for a long weekend and really hit Cornwall hard but unfortunately the weather was not great on the first day and on the second day while out at sea the SD card in the camera decided that it wanted to die. As a result we only managed to get “some” recordings of our trip. However off camera we had a brilliant time catching bass, Pollock, mackerel, whiting and even sardine. Yes we got to the coast a little early in the season but it still produced. We have a few more trips like it planned over the next few months so we hope like the fish the camera equipment co-operates with us.

Carp on the back burner now

If you keep up with the lads you will know that they have an epic trip planned this coming weekend down to Cornwall. This will not be the lads first trip down south as they did try last year in inflatable Kayaks but after a lot of paddling they come home empty handed. This time they did plan a meet up with Rob “The Cornish shore and Kayak fisherman” but due to his work he can no longer attend. But good old Rob has pointed them in the right direction for some nice Pollock and maybe the odd coddling?
Equipped with their new boat they are off to find deep water reefs to target the bigger fish. With the cameras rolling as always they hope to get some monsters of the depth to show you guys on camera.

The Carp Quest has started

Second session hunting down carp and pull this nice little mirror out

Third session and had this nice common on single white maggot!

As you now know I have started to film the quest for carp. Hitting a local lake for an afternoon session today I only managed the one but a fish is a fish and its a start.
I confessed on camera that I want to hunt down a 20 lb carp before the 2017 season starts off. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

Stay locked in to see tips tricks and updates from this new carpy adventure.

The season is over but the fishing has only just begun

First two hours of the carp Quest and I landed this lovely little mirror

As we all know the river season has now come to an end. 15/03/2017 until 16/06/2017 we will all have to put down the Barbel rods and head to commercials and lakes. But when one door closes another one opens. Those of your that follow my adventures will know that I am not that much of a massive Carp angler. In fact my PB carp is only 16lb. Carp fishing is a animal within its self. But in this coming closed season I plan to make a few trips out to some open waters in the hunt to catch a 20lb carp and who knows I might even get that on camera?
I have friends in all fishing disciplines so I will be calling on the favour card and seeing if any of them can help in my carp quest. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel and keep and eye on this site for updates and info. The carp fishing at Wayne’s World had only just begun!



First two hours of the carp Quest and I landed this lovely little mirror