Carp on the canal



Once again we headed down the canal to target the carp and this time we come up trumps. With 4 fish in total and all of them in really cracking condition.
The weather was against us but we battled through it and in the end it was worth it. Some filming was achieved but due to the fact that Kyle has no idea what he is doing he never pressed record half way through me landing my fish. However I do know how to press record and managed to film all three of his carp. So it was not a complete loss. Now I know what you are thinking you are supposed to be targeting a 20 lb plus fish what are you doing in the canal? Well you would be surprised on just how big some canal carp can get hence why we decided to tackle this hard environment. The biggest fish of the day was a whopping 14.5 lb so target almost achieved. Stay tuned to see if the 20 lb monster makes an appearance.