What do you think of when you pass the canal?
I’ll tell you what I think of old men with 16m Poles hoping to catch about 3 lbs of roach within 6-8 hours of fishing  BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

The lads set off to a location that they know can hold some really nice carp along the canal. I know its sound crazy but you would be so surprised by what can come out of these narrow stretches of water. Due to the contact movement of boats the carp have become accustom to feeding on left over scraps that get thrown over the side of the boats or bits of washing up water that get pumped into the canal. It bit of corn here and lump of pasta there and before you know it these little carp no longer so little.
Finding a spot that looked very Carpy the lads pre-baited with a cocktail of free offerings. Crushed up boilies, pellets and corn, along with a handful of full boilies in there to get the carp confidently feeding on the hook baits.
Remember most of these canals are so narrow that you could probably jump from one side to the next so there is no need to make up PVA bags full of food. Just under arm chuck your rig out on top of all your free offerings. Remember that this is a public area so you are going to get all kinds of people coming past on bikes and with dogs. Make sure your baits are covered up at all times because all it takes is one greedy dog unnoticed and a lot of bait or even rigs can be gone within seconds. Also get in the habit of using back leads. I know you are not casting at distance but putting on a back lead will help sink your line and rig and hopefully passing boats will not effect your setup.
So the next time you drive past a little canal on the way to a large carp lake just give it a second thought as you maybe passing the best place to bag up!