Balckpool was not just all lights there was COD!

So it was a long old drive up to the dark north but with the word COD ringing in our ears Kyle and I set off on a very windy and cold Friday afternoon. We got to the hotel Friday night and never hit the shore as we was very tired and wanted to get a full days fishing on Saturday. Arranging some fresh bait before hand with Hazel at Hookers Baits we woke up and headed down the road to get our hands on what can only be described as the best yellow tails I have ever used!
With fresh bait and speaking on here and to locals we now knew where to go. Parking at 5 bar gate we headed a couple of hundred yards north to the end of “the slabs” here was where we decided to start our fishing. We got there at high tide so we fished three down with only a very tiny coding to show for our efforts on worm bait.
We went back to the hotel had some food and a beer then waited for the water to turn and come back in. We fished the whole flood water even strategically placing a small whiting live bait in a pool yards and yards out at low water hoping that when the tide flooded a nice fat cod would find him but somehow and don’t ask how the whiting come off and we ended up with a rockling of the exact same size on the hook??
Fishing all the way to the top of the tide and then three down with nothing to show apart from another tiny coddling and the always annoying whiting. We went home around 3:30 very deflated.
Waking up Sunday and knowing that it was our last day in Blackpool we had saved the best till last. getting to 5 bar for just before high tide we set up our dingy and met up with a local Kayaker called John. He was a massive help and told us what had been coming out and were to go in the boat.
Sitting on the sand in the boat we only had all of a minuet for the water to flood around us and the boat was away. Knowing that the water there can be very shallow even when flooding we headed out around 500 yards where we found depth of around 25-30 feet. Using a running ledger rig we baited up with a nice healthy bunch of yellow tails and lobbed them out into the chocolate coloured water. It was not long until the tips started nodding with Whiting after Whiting. We then had a call on the VHF radio from John saying that he just landed a 7 lb Cod on his kayak only 300 yards away from up. So with that in mind we zoomed over to his location and within the first 5 minuets Kyle rod whacked over and we then knew the Cod at arrived!
Within the space of about 10 minuets the rod did not stop pulling up three very nice sized Cod ranging from 3-4 lb. As fast as they came they left along with the Whiting and we deiced to call it a day due to the fact we had a long journey back down to London.
We did make a YouTube video of the trip but we had issues with our audio equipment so most of the footage cant be used. I guess its just an excuse to go back and have another go at the Cod before its to late.