We headed out from Essex Marina at 8:30am for a full days fishing ahead of us. Going a whopping 18 miles off shore to the wind farms for our first stop. We had a lot of luck throughout the day. Using squid and herring at this bait was supplied. Most of the lads started to pull up doggie after doggie, with myself included. Then later on in the day just after slack water the rays started to make an appearance. With the biggest of the day around 6-7lb. I myself had a mixed bag of fishing two dogs, a large dab, large whiting and a ray of about 3-4lb. Not a red letter day but bloody good fun. The only gripe with the whole thing was there was 12 blokes on the boat and it was way to over crowded. I cant wait to book another day out.

What do you think of when you pass the canal?
I’ll tell you what I think of old men with 16m Poles hoping to catch about 3 lbs of roach within 6-8 hours of fishing  BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

The lads set off to a location that they know can hold some really nice carp along the canal. I know its sound crazy but you would be so surprised by what can come out of these narrow stretches of water. Due to the contact movement of boats the carp have become accustom to feeding on left over scraps that get thrown over the side of the boats or bits of washing up water that get pumped into the canal. It bit of corn here and lump of pasta there and before you know it these little carp no longer so little.
Finding a spot that looked very Carpy the lads pre-baited with a cocktail of free offerings. Crushed up boilies, pellets and corn, along with a handful of full boilies in there to get the carp confidently feeding on the hook baits.
Remember most of these canals are so narrow that you could probably jump from one side to the next so there is no need to make up PVA bags full of food. Just under arm chuck your rig out on top of all your free offerings. Remember that this is a public area so you are going to get all kinds of people coming past on bikes and with dogs. Make sure your baits are covered up at all times because all it takes is one greedy dog unnoticed and a lot of bait or even rigs can be gone within seconds. Also get in the habit of using back leads. I know you are not casting at distance but putting on a back lead will help sink your line and rig and hopefully passing boats will not effect your setup.
So the next time you drive past a little canal on the way to a large carp lake just give it a second thought as you maybe passing the best place to bag up!

Well this was not a kitten

18 lb whopper from Jimmys lake

So it was our first time chasing down Wells Catfish and everything seemed to start really slow.
Muzz and I headed off out to a commercial lake called Jimmys Lake in Essex. Despite the place being an absolute dump we decided to stay and give it a go. With four rods out in total we tried different methods to snag a cat. I rigged up with a running rig with a offset 2 oz weight and a 40 lb fluorocarbon hook link and hair rig. The bait of choice was large chunks of lunch and meat and large pellets. Muzz using 21 mm pellet and I opting for 30 mm pellet to eliminate carp taking my bait. Once we set up and the rods were out we settled in for the night. The silence was broken at about 3am with what I would describe as a “bream bite” however we watching the bobbing dance up and down for a while until Muzz plucked up the courage to strike the rod. When he did he then felt a massive lung to the right and it was then we both knew that he had a cat on the line. after a short battle in the middle of a very hot summers night we slipped the net under a whopping 18 lb cat. We knew it was a lot bigger than we had hoped for and we was really over the moon with the catch. After this the dust settled and apart from a screaming run on my meat rod at about 7 am nothing else happened at all. We decided to call it quiets and we would regroup and give the cats another go in the near future.

More to Warick than just a castle

  Well Muzza and I headed off to Warick after being tipped off that there are some nice Zed’s to be had in these parts by a few friends. After a whopping 2.5 hour drive we hit the ground running well lure fishing actuality. We started at the beginning and finished at the end. But despite all day throwing around our soft plastics we didn’t even get a bite. So we decided to give the lure rods a miss and try to capture some fresh roach to use as bait. With the light fading fast and the odds of catching a roach or two fading with the setting sun we had to use a couple of tiny bream instead.
With a single size 4 hook and a strip of skimmer bream attached to a running rig we set up with little hope. The traps had been set and now it was a waiting game. The darkness smothered the landscape and with it came a bit of a chill. We hoped that this subtle change would switch on the fish and we was right. First off the mark was my rod with a screamer of a bit but by the time I struck into it the fish had let go. Then a few small beeps from Muzza’s rod to be follow after 30 seconds of silence with a smash and grab one toner. Muzz bagged the first fish of the night with his nice 3-3.5 lb Zander. After that the bite kept coming one after another. My rod again with a small Zed of about 1.5-2 lb but after I returned the fish I cast out again only to get a take on the drop but this time it felt a lot better under the moored boats and kiting left and right the fish finally come to the surface to show itself and it was a nice Zander that weighed 4.8 lb. A PB and my second UK landed Zander. By the time I returned the fish the bits had really started to slow down and the long drive home was calling. We packed up and set off back down to London. We had one thing in mind on the way home WHEN ARE WE COMING BACK TO WARICK?

My Pooie and I headed down to Mevagissey for the weekend of fishing and BBQ’s. After stopping at the St Austell Brewery and trying the Tribute, Proper Job and Korev we decided it was time to get serious and do some fishing.
Heading out from Pentewan Sands beach we made our way in my small dingy down south to Gorran Haven. There is a small rock that sticks out of the water there about quarter of a mile off shore that holds sea birds, Seals and fish!
After about 5 or 6 drifts over the Kelp and rocks I had a bite. It was only a small Pollock but it was nice to know that there was life on Mars. Moving around we started a new drift between the rock and the main land. Using a 25g blue paddle tail 8 inch plastic lure I got a bit and WOW was it a bite!
The rod bent over and away we went. Standard Pollock bite no sooner than I felt the bit it made off like a train for the Kelp beds the “big dive”. After the initial frantic fight with the odd bit of push and pull she come up to see us. A lovely Pollock of about 4lb plus. A real stunner and I knew that one fish had made the weekend anything else would now be a bonus.
Despite having that cracking fish nothing else come out to play so we headed back towards Mevagissey bay where we kept an eye on the fish finder and as soon as we saw Mackerel schools we stopped and threw down the feathers. No sooner than when they was in the water 2, 3 and even 4 Mackers at a time, it was all good fun.
Then just at the point where Mevagissey bay ends and Pentewan bay starts we stopped as there is a bit of kelp and rocky round in that area.
Changing over lure to a smaller bright green 6 inch paddle tail I dropped it in the dark water and bumped it along the bottom. Within seconds WHACK but this time it felt like I had snagged into a tank. Whatever it was had now buried itself within rocks/kelp and did not want to play. After letting the line go slack and waiting the fish finally come out of its hiding spot and once again I had a chance to battle it to the surface. After the clutch had finished screaming away to itself I managed to pull a massive Wrasse up to the boat. what a fish it was, so beautiful. The colours these fish have are out of this world. If they didn’t have such BIG teeth I would given it a big wet kiss :D
After the first Wrasse a couple more followed of about the same size. But time fly’s when you are having fun and it was soon time to come back and pack up and head back to horrid old London. On the drive home the condensation was nothing but when are we going back to Cornwall

Once again Chesil was hard!

We got to Weymouth for about 8am. As always first stop Chesil bait and tackle. Stocked up on baits, but we had to come back later that day for live peelers as their delivery had not arrived yet.
From there we headed down to the harbour once again to target the Mullet. This time armed with a bucket of bread and bran we thought that we was in with a fighting chance. Using bread on a small size 8 hook and a small crystal waggler float as not to spook them, we tried and tried but in typical Mullet fashion they just would not take the hook bait. We then headed up to the far end of the Harbour where there is a tidal wall to stop the salt water going back up the into Rapidpole lake. We found loads of Mullet swimming around in this area. So we set up there and tried to snag one. After a little while attempting to catch a Mullet my friend Kyle said that he was sure he saw a Bass and with that in mind the lure rods come out. After what seemed like forever jigging a small shad up and down next to the tidal wall I finally got a WHACK! but it was only a small shoolie. In typical bass style it went like a train and was landed without any problems. Kyle on the other hand was still trying to get the Mullet. He succeeded to pull out two over all. No monsters but fish is a fish.
Enough was enough and we headed back to the beach for high tide with our fresh bait. Once over the shingle we were hit in the face with 20 mph SW winds and loads of weed. After giving it about an hour of our best and just pulling off dragons tails of weed off the line we decided once again Chesil had the hump with us and we should let her simmer down and come back to fight another day.


The weather has been so HOT this past weekend and with that timing up with the opening of the river season everything just kind of fell into place.
Hitting many location over three days a lot of fish come out. Fist off I headed down to the river Lee for a shot night session with my pal Leon to see if we could pull out any bream. On such a nice evening we blacked. But I had a feeling things were going to get better. The following day (the Saturday 17/06/2017) we both headed down to the River Stort to see what was around and to our surprise we saw loads of carp “YES CARP” on the surface along with small shoals of bream passing back and forth. Filled with gas the pair of us set up our wagler rods and with the hope of bagging a bream, carp or anything that come our way. After a while of float fishing I decided it was time to run back to the van and get my carp rods. Chucking out a 15mm white pop-up on a Ronnie rig just off the far back with a few free boilies scattered around the rig it was a matter of about 5 minuets until the bite alarm was screaming off. I hooked into a nice 4-5lb common. I played the fish for about 30 seconds and then the dreaded hook pull. Once I composed myself I looked at the rig only to see the hook had a small bed in the point and was not 100% sharp. That could have all been prevented if I had just taken the time to check the rig before using it. I will not make a silly mistake like this again in the future. Not long after that Leon pulled a very nice bream out on worm. The slab was about 5-6lb and in very good condition. Later on that evening as it cooled down after reaching temperatures of 30’c I headed down to Roydon Lock and set up with a starlight on the wagler with a worm tipped with a single red maggot. It was only a matter of time until it went under and a bream come out. However after that one fish things just slowed down and nothing was showing. The next day was Sunday, so I headed down to Kyle’s house to pick him up for a day around the Doctors pond in Dunmow. Despite it being over 30’c again the fish were feeding and coming out one a cast. In the end we become board of catching fish and decided to just free line some bread and catch carp this way for a bit of sport. I dropped Kyle off home and he asked if I wanted to go back out later that night to target barbel of course I said YES!
We set off about 9pm as it started to cool. We went to Weathampstead that is notorious for barbel. However once we got there the swim that we wanted to fish was occupied by two eastern Europeans who had no idea what they were doing and had made a lot of noise. As a result of this the fishing was hard despite our best attempts. Kyle still managed pull out a very small but just perfect barbel. But we have now got the barbel buzz and will be back within the next few weeks to film a video on how to catch them.

First off as always I stopped off at Chesil Bait and tackle. The lads in there are always so helpful they always have good and updated catch reports and helpful tips on how and where to fish. However this time no fresh peeler or hermit crabs they had all sold out. Not to worry we had a real old mixed bag of frozen baits and some fresh rag worm for the wrasse.
We headed down to Portland Bill and sat on the rocks for about 2-3 hours targeting the wrasse with the worms. The weather was not on our side with winds of over 30mph it was hard to say the least, however the kite surfers seemed to love it and made good use of the super strong gusts. As always we did have a couple of wrasse but nothing like what we are used to along there. I am sure this was due to the massive swells and high winds.

After that we headed down to ferry bridge and tried to see if we could get a bass on lures. After using ever type of lure we had in our box we cough nothing not even a schoolie. So bored out of our minds we decided to see if we could find some fresh crab as it was low tide. We found many good crab among the rocks and weed and a few of them were peeler so a bonus all round.
Still with loads of time in front of us we were supposed to hit the beach 3 hours up tide and 3 hours down tide later that evening we decided to go and get some fish and chips and maybe a sneaky beer ;)
Down at the harbour we saw all the mullet swimming around the boats and the temptation was just to great not to try our luck and see if we could get one or two. Armed with a loaf of bread we tackled them head on.
Now I know why they say that mullet are one of the most frustrating fish in the sea to catch. Missing three bites we finally hooked one. Not the biggest but a good scrap, a quick pic and back she went.
The time had come to head to the beach. Three of us in total two rods each armed with crab, lug worm, blueie, sandeels and squid we fished the rising tide for three hours and NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!
The fella to our right pulled out a 7-8lb smooth hound and this filled us with hope but not even a nod nor a crab eaten bait. Completely defeated we headed home with our tails between our legs. This was the first time Chesil as been hard on me but I know its just a lovers tiff and I will be back on talking terms with her again soon.

Dungeness was a FLOP!

I decided to take my beach gear and have a go at Dungeness after the induction day. So I called up Seagull Fishing Tackle to see if they had any fresh lug. I was told that no one will have any fresh lug and the best that I was going to get was frozen. So with that in mind I said I was on my way and my Sat Nav said I would be at the shop for 18:05. The bloke on the phone said that he is closing at 18:00 I asked if he could wait as I was coming a long way and he said no!
May I just point out that on their Google info page it says that they are open on a Saturday until 18:30. He said it had been a long day and I should hurry if I wanted the bait. VERY UNHELPFUL!
Reluctantly I made my way to the shop and got some bait. Then headed down to the beach. Getting to the waters edge for high tide I knew I had to move fast.
Also not fishing this mark for over 20 years I went to just north of the “boats” and just chucked out squid and crab on one rod and lug on the other. My leads just rolled around the place as the water was whipping from right to left. Nothing for over an hour apart from a bloody seal back and forth. Then a very small nod on the crab and squid and when I reeled in it was a bloody whiting!
That was the final nail in the coffin for me and I packed up and went home.
There is a reason I have not been down this way for over 20 years and this is it.
Rude people and terrible fishing.
As for this weekend Chesil beach here I come all is forgiven!!!

Carp on the canal



Once again we headed down the canal to target the carp and this time we come up trumps. With 4 fish in total and all of them in really cracking condition.
The weather was against us but we battled through it and in the end it was worth it. Some filming was achieved but due to the fact that Kyle has no idea what he is doing he never pressed record half way through me landing my fish. However I do know how to press record and managed to film all three of his carp. So it was not a complete loss. Now I know what you are thinking you are supposed to be targeting a 20 lb plus fish what are you doing in the canal? Well you would be surprised on just how big some canal carp can get hence why we decided to tackle this hard environment. The biggest fish of the day was a whopping 14.5 lb so target almost achieved. Stay tuned to see if the 20 lb monster makes an appearance.